la nuée coverLa Nuée with La Nuée (Umland Records 2021)

bakunawa coverBakunawa with Pak Yan Lau (Cortizona 2021)

pantufa alcalina capaPantufa Alcalina with Oba Loba (Silent Water 2021)

SHH061CD-1500Simorgh in trio (Les Albums Claus/Shhpuma 2020)

the miracle coverThe Miracle with The Miracle (Mr.Nakayasi 2020)

B3Sanduíche TV with CFT (ed. autor 2020)

a3967822035_16Impermanent with Daniele Martini Quartet (el negocito 2020)

a3249737844_16bRack Again with Tetterapadequ (cylinder records 2019)

a1781352662_16Pull Ninja with Punk Kong (el negocito 2019)

image Avec Le Temps with Giovanni Guidi  (ECM 2019)

a3511174166_16Free Percussion compilation (tsss tapes 2019)

21 Going Live with Going (soundshots 2019)

spread them out1641938934..jpg Spread Them Out with Mulabanda (ed. autor 2018) 

R-11140781-1510598868-6522.jpeg Going III (Disque D’ORgue) with Going (Silent Water/Meakusma 2017)

TFR041_CVR_FINAL_OL Sir Robert Williams with Oba Loba (silent water/three:four records 2017)

a1148206298_16  Nowruz in solo (three:four records 2017)

imgres Legacy Of Ashes with Nate Wooley/Daniele Martini/João Lobo (Creative Sources 2016)

imgres Pangatuna with Tetterapadequ (Fortune 2016)

imgres Descanso Del Dopo Popo with Tetterapadequ (Cylinder Records (3″cd) 2016)

imgres Lonely Cedar with Punk Kong (Mister Nakayasi 2016)

a2446311435_16 Twice Left Handed\\Shavings with If a Y Xango Tentet (El Negocito Records 2015)

imgres Going II (Machinery) with Going (Silent Water 2015)

imgres Chlopingle with Tetterapadequ (Creative Sources 2015)

imgres This Is The Day with Giovanni Guidi Trio (ECM Records 2015)

WERF 132_0 MikMâäk with MikMâäk (W.E.R.F 2015)

foto capa oba loba Oba Loba with Norberto Lobo & João Lobo (Shhpuma/Silent Water) 2014

imgres Os Meus Shorts II with Os Meus Shorts (Bankrobber/Bravo/Gandula/Ultra-Local Records 2014)

imgres Dream And Drone Orchestra with Dream&Drone Orchestra, Silent Water 2014

imgres Nine with Mâäk Quintet (W.E.R.F 2014)

imgres Songs of Experience with Francesco Turrisi Taquin Records 2013

imgres Mogul de Jade with Norberto Lobo/João Lobo (Mbari 2013)

imgres Going I with Going (silent water 2013)

unnamed City of Broken Dreams with Giovanni Guidi Trio (ECM 2013)

imgres Lift Your Toes with Mulabanda (silent water/QuintoQuarto 2012)

imgres Fotografia with Francesco Turrisi (Diatribe Records 2011)

search Live in Milano with Riccardo Luppi’s Mure Mure (El Negocito 2010)

imgres kuruwasan with KuRuWaSaN (QuintoQuarto 2010)

imgres Roll Call with Hugo Antunes (Clean Feed 2010)

imgres Matéria Prima with Carlos Bica (Clean Feed 2010)

imgres Mulabanda with Mulabanda (QuintoQuarto 2010)

imgres Seminare Vento with Alexandra Grimal (Freelance 2010)

imgres Norman with Norman (Skinpin Records 2009)

imgres And The Missing R with Tetterapadequ (Clean Feed 2008)

search Bitter Love Songs with Scott Fields Freetet (Clean Feed 2008)

imgres This American Life with Scott Fields Ensemble (NEOS 2008)